SUNGJONGSA Co., Ltd. is the first temple bell manufacturer in Korea with 50 years of history. Manufacturing site of SUNGJONGSA has moved to JinCheon, Choongbook, Korea in 2002 for the purpose of assuring state-of-the-art production facility. SUNGJONGSA known as the best bell manufacturers in the global level has equipped with 50 tons of weight scale casting facilities in the new manufacturing site to guarantee the prestigious quality. With the confidence in quality of the product we provide, SUNGJONGSA has exported products to overseas such as Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Singapore and Malaysia. SUNGJONGSA won the recognition from the clients overseas as well as domestic due to the best quality and customer service.

  After CEO's individual research and development investment for 10 years, we succeed in reviving “Beeswax-Casting Process” which is our traditional casting method. With the effort of reviving forgotten traditional casting method, the chief finally have honor to be appointed as unique human cultural asset No.112 at year 2001.

  As the No. 1 bell manufacture in the world, we will try harder to enhance the quality of the temple bell in search of customer satisfaction.



Won, Kwang-Sik


Temple bell manufacturer

Seoul Gallery

Jincheon Factory


  1956. Established SUNGJONGSA

  1976. Enterprise Registration

  1983. Designated as a "Craftwork Special Production Business" by Government

  1986. Designated as a "Souvenir Production Business of the Seoul Olympic Games"

  1993. Designated as a "Souvenir Production Business of Daejeon EXPO

  2002. Designated as a "Souvenir Production Business of the 2002 FIFA World Cup"

  2004. Selected as a "Export Industrialize Project Company" by Government (SMBA)

  2004. Selected as a "Technology Innovation Development Project Company"

        by Government (SMBA)

  2004. Designated as a "Government Supply Traditional Crafts Company" by Government

        (The Office of Supply)

  2005. Selected as a "Export Industrialize Project Company" by Government (SMBA)

  2006. Obtained a Patent of "The Lost-wax Casting Process of Bell"

  2007. Obtained a "ISO 9001"

  2007. Designated as a "Venture Business"  by Government (Small Business Coporation)

  2008. Designated as a "Promising Export Firm"  by Government (SMBA)


Government Supply

Traditional Crafts Company


ISO 9001

Promising Export Firm













Jinhae City


Mokpo City


Daegu City

Gwangju City

Cheonan City

Daejeon EXPO





Over30 ton(3ea)

  - Hwacheon County  37.5ton

  - TAIWAN  Mingsuntemple  33ton

  - GwangjuCity  31ton


20 - 30 ton(16ea)

 - Kyeongbuk Province  29ton

 - YEOJU  Daesunjinrihoe  27ton

 - SOKCHO  Daesunjinrihoe  27ton

 - TAIWAN  Foguangshan temple  25.5ton

 - DAEJEON  EXPO Bell  23.8ton

 - Daegu City  22.5ton

 - TAEBAEK  HyeunBul Sa  22.5ton

 - Kyeonggi  Province   21ton

 - Chungbuk  Province  21ton

 - Mokpo  City  21ton

 - Jinhae  City  21 ton

 - Kimhae City  21ton

 - Kyeongju City  20ton

 - SEOUL  Bosingak bell  20 ton

 - HWASEONG  Temporary Palace  20ton

 - CHINA  Jiu Hua Shan  20ton


10 - 20 ton(14ea)

 - Cheonan  City  19 ton

 - Yangsan  City   19ton

 - Pocheon  City  15 ton 

 - POCHEON  Daesunjinrihoe  13.5 ton

 - YEOJU  Daesunjinrihoe  13.5ton

 - ICHEON  Halla Construction  13.5ton

 - Jungwon University  13.5ton

 - Suwon  City  12.4 ton

 - YANGYANG  Hyu Hyu Am 12.3.8ton

 - Changwon  City  12.4 ton

 - Hamyang  County  12.3.8ton

 - Gangneung  City  11.3ton

 - BUSAN  Sam Gwang Sa  11.3 ton

 - GURYE  Hwa Eom Sa  11.3ton


5 - 10 ton(40ea)

 - JAPAN  Koraiji  7.5ton

 - SINGAPORE  Hai Inn Si  7.5ton

 - 2018 Pyengchang Olimpic Bell  7.5ton

 - SEOUL  Daesunjinrihoe  9ton 

 - HOENGSEONG  Mu Kuk Dae Do  9ton

 - YANGSAN  Tong Do Sa  8.6 ton 

 - GOSEONG  Geon Bong Sa  8.6ton

 - KEUMSAN  Keum San Sa  8.2ton

 - Wonju  City  7.5ton

 - Hoengseong  County  7.5ton

 - Jincheon  County  7.5ton

 - YANGGU  County  7.5ton

 - SEOUL  Jo Gye Sa  7.5 ton

 - HAPCHEON  He In Sa  7.5ton

 - BUCHEON  Seog Wang Sa  7.5ton

 - YONGIN  Wau Jeong Sa  7.5ton

 - SUNCHEON  Seo Nam Sa  7.5ton

 - WONJU  Sang Won Sa  7.5ton

 - ULSAN  Jeong Gwang Sa  7.5ton

 - JEONGEUP  Nae Jang Sa  7.5ton

 - JEONJU  An Guk Sa  7.5ton

 - YEOCHEON  Heung Guk Sa  7.5ton

 - GUMI  Yeong Myeong Sa  7.5ton

 - JANGSU  Juk Rim Jeong Sa  7.5 ton

 - JANGSU Seong Gwan Sa  7.5ton

 - JINCHEON  Bo Tap Sa  7.5ton

 - SEOUL  Beop Ryeon Sa  6ton

 - KYEONGJU  Bul Guk Sa  5.6ton

 - SEOUL  DoSeon Sa  5.6ton

 - SEOUL  Tae Go Sa  5.6ton

 - BUSAN  Beom Eeo Sa  5.6ton

 - UISEONG  Go Eun Sa  5.6ton

 - GURYE  Hwa Eum Sa  5.6ton

 - JEONGEUP  Nae Jang Sa  5.6ton

 - ANSEONG  Gyeong Su Sa  5.6ton

 - TAIWAN  Fo Guang Shan Si  5.6ton

 - HONGKONG  Hui Quan Si  5.6ton

 - CHINA  Hui Ren Sheng Si  5.6ton

 - CHINA  Kai Yuan Si  5.6ton

 - CHINA  Yu Fo Chan Si  5.0ton


◐ 3.5~5ton(about 150ea)

 - BUSAN  Su In Sa  4.9ton 

 - SUNCHEON  Song Gwang Sa  4.9ton

 - KIMPO  Peace Bell  4.9ton

 - CHUNGJU  Bong Eun Sa  4.5ton

 - BONGHWA  Chuk Seo Sa  4.5ton

 - BUSAN  Nae Won Jeong Sa  4.5ton

 - Jeonju  City  3.8ton

 - SUWON  Yong Ju Sa  3.8ton

 - ODAESAN  Wol Jeong Sa  3.8ton

 - BOEUN  Beop Ju Sa  3.8ton

 - YESAN  Su Deok Sa  3.8ton

 - HADONG  Ssang Gye Sa  3.8ton

 - JANGSEONG  Baek Yang Sa  3.8ton

 - BUSAN  Mu Ae Sa  3.8ton

 - BUSAN  YongGuk Sa  3.8ton

 - BUSAN  Seong Bul Sa  3.8ton

 - JEJU  Sma Bang Sa  3.8ton

 - JEJU  Keuk Rak Sa  3.8ton

 - JEJU  Seon Deok Sa  3.8ton

 - SEOUL  Yeong Hwa Sa  3.8ton

 - SEOUL  GuRyong Sa  3.8ton

 -SEOUL  GyeongGuk Sa  3.8ton

 - HWASEONG  Sin Heung Sa  3.8ton

 - GWANGJU  Won Hyo Sa  3.8ton

 - YONGDONG  BanYa Sa  3.8ton

 - YEONGJU  Kwan Eum Sa  3.8ton

 - YEONGJU  Hi Bang Sa  3.8ton

 - GANGNEUNG  Nak Ga Sa  3.8ton

 - JINJU  Cheong Gok Sa  3.8ton

 - DAEJEON  Ja Gwang Sa  3.8ton

 - BONGWHA  Cheong Ryang Sa  3.8ton

 - HWASUN  Man Yeon Sa  3.8ton

 - Bucheon University  3.8ton 

 - Dongguk University  3.8ton


The Actual Exports

 - TAIWAN  Ming Sun Si  33ton

 - TAIWAN  Fo Guang Shan Si  25.5ton

 - TAIWAN  Fo Guang Shan Si  5.6ton

 - TAIWAN  Yuen Chao Si 3.8ton

 - TAIWAN  Di Yuen Si 1.5ton

 - TAIWAN  Hengchun Ecological Farm 1.5ton

 - TAIWAN  Xian Guan Si  1.1ton 

 - TAIWAN  Fu Guo Si  750kg

 - TAIWAN  WanHong Chan Si  330kg

 - CHINA  Jiu Hua Shan  20ton

 - CHINA  Hui Ren Sheng Si  5.6 tons

 - CHINA  Kai Yuan Si  5.6 tons

 - CHINA  YuFo Chan Si  5.0 ton

 - CHINA  Xing Jiao Si  3.8ton

 - CHINA  DaZhong Si  200kg

 - HONGKONG  TheBuddist Association  750kg

 - HONGKONG  HuiQuan Si  5.6ton

 - JAPAN  Koraiji  7.5ton

 - JAPAN  Koumeiji  3.8ton

 - JAPAN  Ankokuji  3.8ton

 - JAPAN  WASEDA University  2ton

 - JAPAN  Bell of Japan-Korea Friendship  1ton

 - JAPAN  Maruyama Unso  750kg

 - SINGAPORE  Hai Yin Gu Si  7.5ton

 - SINGAPORE  Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery  3.8ton 

 - SINGAPORE  Hai Yin Gu Si  375kg

 - SINGAPORE  Fu Xin Chan Yuan  375kg
 - SINGAPORE  Hai Yin Xiao Zhu  375kg

 - USA  Hawai Dae Won Sa  3.8ton

 - USA  VA Korean Bell Garden  3ton

 - USA  LA Diamond Zen Center  3ton

 - USA  Long Chun Si 3ton

 - USA  Korean War Veterans Memorial  2.1ton

 - USA  Sam Bo Sa  1.9ton

 - USA  Hong Beop Sa  750kg

 - USA  Daruma Sa  750kg

 - VIETNAM  Hue Nghiem Tu  1.5 tons

 - VIETNAM  Vien Giac Tu   Gong

 - VIETNAM  An Quang Tu  45kg

 - INDONESIA  Tai Ping Si  1.4 tons

 - FRANCE  Fa Hua Chan Si 1.4 tons

 - KIRIKISTAN  Korean sound 1.4 tons

 - THAI  Watyan Pagoda  3.8ton

 - MALAYSIA  Buddha Education Center 1.7 ton

 - MYANMAR  Shwedagon Pagoda  200kg

 - MEXICO  Korean Bell of Friendship  750kg

 - PARAGUAY  Korean Bell of Friendship  750kg

 - VENEZUELA  Korean Bell of Friendship  750kg

 - SRILANKA  Kelaniya Pagoda  375kg






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