Art  Bell

Big bell

  • Model Name: Heinsa Bell
  • Characteristic: This Hein temple bell is assigned by Korean treasure No.1253 and has round shape & carved gorgeous figures to outside bell.
  • Standard: 550 x 800mm

  • Model Name: SUNGJONG Bell
  •   Characteristic: : This temple bell is first work of Seongjongsa new type series that was produced for the first time last 1995 from gist that produce new species that is correct by modern sense. Animation overflowing figure as grand arranged on 4 directions and lingering rings our long is more beautiful than the any temple bells.
  • Standard: 520 x 850mm

  • Model Name: Emille Bell
  • Characteristic: Emille Bell is the Korea's representative cultural inheritance, which is recognized the value worldwide. This bell is the biggest bell in Korea and manufactured by miniature size with faintly sound and Emille's peculiar delicate & beautiful figure.

  • Standard: 465 x 760mm, 480 x 820mm, 570 x 930mm

  • Model Name: Unsusa Bell
  • Characteristic: The ancient Silla majesty Temple Bell, this product's original model is located at Japan, Dotdorihyun Unsu Temple. Our company technicians went over to Japan and success reproducing the original form. The character of this temple bell has elegant shape harmony with refine figure and has clear bell sound.

  • Standard: 435 x 730mm

  • Model Name: Sunrimwon Bell
  • Characteristic: This bell that damaged during Korean War and now National Museum keeps Silla dynasty bell's broken pieces is reproduce by our Sungjongsa's technician at 1997. Seonrimwon Bell is very attractive to thin & soft line and elaborate figure.

  • Standard: 585 x 1000mm

  • Model Name: Sangwonsa Bell
  • Characteristic: This miniaturize temple bell is getting estimation which is most beautiful bell of a Buddhist temple among existed temple bell. This bell's peculiar prominent mammilla and delicate figure is the characteristic of Sangwonsa Bell.
  • Standard: 480 x 825mm

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