butto01c.gif CEO Profile

1942. Born in Kyeonggi Province, Korea

1960. Enter into Temple bell business (Joining a SUNGJONGSA)

1973. Take up a SUNGJONGSA's 2nd Representative

1974. Appointed as Committee Member of

              Cultural Institute of Buddhism

1999. Appointed as advisory committee member of ACDPU

2000. Awarded a Citation from The Minister of Labor

2000. Designated as Master Craftsman

2001. Designated as Human Cultural Asset No.112

2003. Appointed as The Director of the Bell Museum

2005. Awarded a Presidential Citation

2005. Designated as New Intellectual

2006. Granted as  Professor Emeritus of the Korea Polytechnic Ⅵ University


Human Cultural Assets

Master Craftsman

Presidential Citation

New Intellectual


butto01c.gif Awarded Career

1974. Won the highest prize at the 5th Grand Festival of Buddhist Arts

1976. Won encouragement at the 7th Grand Festival of Buddhist Arts

1980. Accepted for the 9th Grand Festival of Buddhist Arts

1982. Accepted for the 10th Grand Festival of Buddhist Arts

1982. Accepted for the 12th Seoul Olympic products development

              Kyeonggi Province craftwork competitive Exposition 

1985. Accepted for the 2th Olympic Commemoration work Exhibition

1986. Won the fine piece of work at the 3th Olympic Commemoration work Exhibition

1988. Won the excellent prize at the 12th Grand Festival of Buddhist Arts

2000. Won the special recognition at the 18th Grand Festival of Buddhist Arts

2000. Accepted for the 25th Korea Traditional craftwork Exhibition

2002. Accepted for the 32th Kyeonggi Province craftwork competitive Exposition 



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